The world is shifting into a conscious one. Exposure of the cruelty to animals behind the scenes has come to the forefront. Why is this happening now when it should have thousands of years ago? That is the burning question.

Generations after generations, we come into this world being conditioned with things such as learning the ABC's, 123's, and eating the food put on our plates. No questions are ever asked in regards to that food.

We are raised naively to perceive that the meat we are being served just came in a package from the grocery store. It surely didn't come from an animal that has been cruelly and viciously beaten, violated, and killed in a manner we would never want to conceive. (When a person has been shown pictures or videos depicting that violence, they turn their faces and refuse to see such horrible things.) The bottom line is, we are not at fault.

The meat and seafood industries control most of the commercial media advertisements. Honestly, when was the last time you actually viewed a Vegan or Vegetarian commercial? If you have, lucky you!
These meat and seafood advertisements elude us into thinking that eating these animal by-products, is healthy and good for you. This continues generation after generation until someone (Vegan) finally shares the truth. And at that point, if the veil has been removed, our eyes are now opened to the real horrors caused by people who run these industries.

I'm not saying that we should hate or shame anyone who eats meat or works for these companies. I encourage all Vegans to kindly educate others about these industries. The change will only happen through honest intellectual stimuli that reveal the severe damages caused to sea and animal life.

Veganism is on the rise and continues to climb. We now live at a time where meat and seafood don't have to be on our plates because there are so many alternatives that can replace them. And they are so yummy!

Continue on your journey as a Vegan because it's the right thing to do and share your knowledge with others every chance you get.
We're not going away and our message stays strong. Vegans are Omnipresent!

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